Bon Voyage お母。


So today I didn't go to school; dropped my mother of the airport.
Shes going back to Asia for like 2 weeks.Leaving her 2001 Honda to me. :D
Anyways,Don't worry mother,Imma be safe and responsible :]

[momma and me]


Pssssh I also found a Sephora inside the airport; next to the gate she had to check-in to,
and goddangit I was sooo tempted to buy sh*T.
..I didn't, I su*ked it up like the tough man that I am.
Cuz since she's gone...guess who's gonna be paying for the gas?!...

....ME :<

[PS:Mother, Have a good and safe trip.BRING ME BACK SOUVENIRS 'kay?love u. >w<]


Speaking of saving money...I got back from the airport at 1-something- pm, and I get out at 12:30-something- from school, so didn't even bother;
I just went downtown then to the mall to look for a halloween costume.
I was slackin' it. 2 days till halloween and I didn't have a costume. :[[
SINCE my mother IS gone for 2 weeks...-with my gas/money issues-....
and the costumes were all expensive and slutty...
[what the hell am I gonna do with a freakin slutty sh*tty expensive costume
that I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna use 1 time?!]
...So I decided to be creative and sabotage every closet in the house.
and I'm pretty happy with the results. XD

anddddd...I saved money.
whooot. :]

;however, since it's not halloween yet.I'm not gonna show it and ruin the fun.
I'm probably gonna post it on sunday so stay tuned. :]


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