trying to balance everything is a bitch. i always say ill post shit on here but i never have the time to :(, i pinky promise. always work and school. but since im on break right now, ill make this my opportunity to make more posts..and videos maybe? ;). i also need to start taking pictures again, i haven't held a camera in ages :((. anyways, hello everyone :)


Class of 2011

Guess who graduated last Thursday the 2nd of June? I did!my grad cap ;)


Two essential needs I bought at the moment; I'm a happy camper.

So as you can probably see, I remodeled my blogger!
time for freaking time for a change :)
Anyways its been a while since I posted; like always, sorry.

Today I went to a local japanese store and I bought two essential things: One was;
Palty hair color -Sakura Creamy-

& Second was;
Real Doll love skin veil ; makeup base.

My hair needs major root touch up but I'm changing my color soon after; probably in a couple of months. But for now, I need to retouch my hair hahaa'.

For the not-so-fun part, tomorrow I start finals, and boy am I happy to just get it all over with. Come at me finals! bring it on >:]



I finally figured out my email and password. Hi blogger, hows it hangin?? anywayss pretty sure i wont be back here all the time but maybe a little bit more than before....? anyways if ever, hit me up anytime @lhenallexander.tumblr.com