Haul over the past two weeks.


Got outta work at 3, went home, cleaned my trunk, and now I'm finally doing that haul that I promised.
I was gonna do a video instead 'cause I was feeling lazy, but my stupid photo booth didn't feel like recording the whole damn thing :(.

lets start!:]

Bag #one: Urban Outfitters

total items: 4
  1. TOMS: $58
  2. Notebook: $1.99
  3. /4. Boxer briefs(2): $4.99 each.

Bag #two: Urban Outfitters

total items: 5

  1. Stripe collar shirt: $29.99
  2. beige see-through collared blouse: $19.99
  3. round scarf: $9.99
  4. teal slip-ons: $19.99

(3 and 4 have no photos, 'cause I left both of them in my boyfriends car. haha sorry.)

and this is number 5 ^. $19.99

You guys can't see it, but it has studs throughout the sides-bottom.

bag #three: Forever 21

total items: 2

  1. Peach colored maxi-skirt: $12.50
  2. striped sleeve-less collared blouse: $13.80


1 item. Bag: $24.95


Powerpoint eye pencil in Engraved: $15

(sorry guys, no picture for this one. Just needed a new one, my old one was dying already).

and now; yes, I'm broke :( lol



So I still haven't posted what I got from last week but I figured I'll just post them over the weekend since I'm about to go 'spring quarter shopping' for school anyways. I need a school bag and school starts next Monday hahaa'. Hopefully I won't be lazy.

Anyways, I want to show you guys one of my pride and joys ! :)

Instagram: lhenallexander :)



Just got the blogger app for the iPhone. Pretty legit, now I can just go to the app whenever I wanna add something new. :)

Anyways yesterday after work I had time to shop since it was employed appreciation, got 40% off sale prices so I had some pretty good finds. Don't have photos yet but I'll post them soon plus what the original prices were.

Only sad thing about this app, by the way, is that I can't change the font, size, and color :( but it'll do on the go.

I'll post later ttyl guys :)