Retrouver sa force d'~

Monday 10.19.09


[3rd period:History] :
Oh what a forbidden romance meat and I have. I'm pretty sure that meat loves me and at one point I gave love back, but things change and bonds are easily broken. As time passed by, my love slowly faded away and I decided to let go. Its been months now since we've parted and things have been very good. Wasn't really that much of a change, just the satisfaction that the breakup wasn't as hard as I taught it was going to be...

ITS BEGINNING TO RAIN! [freakin finally]
makes me happy :D

Tuesday 10.20.09

"Have a HELLO SEATTLE birthday"

[1:25ish pm]
oh man I got home and saw my moms car in the drive way. ;
"what the f*** is she doing here all early."
is what I said cuz she usually gets home at 6ish.
So i go inside and theres a bunch of food everywhere.

"what the f*** is the occasion?!"
My grandmother just looked at me like I'm all high and drunk or something and told me;
"Wala ka na bang hiya?!...
(Dont u have no shame?!)
...birthday ng mommy mo."
(...its ur moms bday.)
"ohhhhhhh SH*T!!!"
i totally forgot.


I told this guy if he could do a cover for me;
he did :]
thanks for fulfilling my selfish request love. :]
[(I didn't force u to do it BTW and im pretty sure I won)]

Wednesday 10.21.09

pretty much nothing happened.


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