Haul over the past two weeks.


Got outta work at 3, went home, cleaned my trunk, and now I'm finally doing that haul that I promised.
I was gonna do a video instead 'cause I was feeling lazy, but my stupid photo booth didn't feel like recording the whole damn thing :(.

lets start!:]

Bag #one: Urban Outfitters

total items: 4
  1. TOMS: $58
  2. Notebook: $1.99
  3. /4. Boxer briefs(2): $4.99 each.

Bag #two: Urban Outfitters

total items: 5

  1. Stripe collar shirt: $29.99
  2. beige see-through collared blouse: $19.99
  3. round scarf: $9.99
  4. teal slip-ons: $19.99

(3 and 4 have no photos, 'cause I left both of them in my boyfriends car. haha sorry.)

and this is number 5 ^. $19.99

You guys can't see it, but it has studs throughout the sides-bottom.

bag #three: Forever 21

total items: 2

  1. Peach colored maxi-skirt: $12.50
  2. striped sleeve-less collared blouse: $13.80


1 item. Bag: $24.95


Powerpoint eye pencil in Engraved: $15

(sorry guys, no picture for this one. Just needed a new one, my old one was dying already).

and now; yes, I'm broke :( lol



So I still haven't posted what I got from last week but I figured I'll just post them over the weekend since I'm about to go 'spring quarter shopping' for school anyways. I need a school bag and school starts next Monday hahaa'. Hopefully I won't be lazy.

Anyways, I want to show you guys one of my pride and joys ! :)

Instagram: lhenallexander :)